fixing up the basement

You know that empty area in the basement where you keep your worn-out clothes, tools, and toys? What if it was converted into a brand-new office, home theatre, or pool room?

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, one of the top 10 remodelling projects is finishing a basement (NARI). The project not only revitalises a sometimes-forgotten area, but it also increases resale value: The NARI Remodeling Impact Report indicates that homeowners may be able to recover nearly two-thirds of their costs for a basement conversion. While NARI estimates that it will cost around $40,000 to finish a basement, doing it yourself can be much more affordable, especially if you’re inventive with some of the basics.

According to Leah Smith of Ohio-based contractor Buckeye Basements, when people spend all of their budget on finishing the basement, the outcome may be uninteresting. As an alternative, she suggests “finishing a smaller area, and using your funds to incorporate some fun features.” The finished basement can be elevated and have a significant increase in resale value by adding a wet bar, a big-screen TV, or aesthetic upgrades like brick or stone.
There are three options available here: painting, ceiling tiles, or sheetrock. According to Pantazes, ceiling tiles can be very helpful in the basement because they make it simple to access electrical and water lines.

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