Putting in a swimming pool

If you’ve ever considered installing a pool, you are aware that there is a lot of contradictory information available regarding pool costs.

Building a pool can cost as little as £20,000, according to some sources, while others claim it will cost you at least £100,000. Which source is then accurate? (If any). When estimating the cost of a swimming pool, there are numerous variables that can easily cause problems.

There are numerous swimming pool construction techniques, each with advantages and disadvantages of their own. For instance, a one-piece or fibreglass pool may be simple to assemble but may be limited in terms of design choices, aesthetics, and specifications. The installation of a concrete pool, whether poured or sprayed, can take two to four months.

First, it’s important to note what was said in the quotes. The majority of businesses typically provided quotes for tanking—the process of building a watertight shell—installation of the liner or tiles, filtration, and specialty pool items like heating, fittings, and pipework.

Beyond providing a general guide, companies hardly ever provide quotes for ground works (digging the hole and removing the soil). Given the complexity that ground works can involve, this is a reasonable strategy. Any estimate for groundwork that is given without first conducting a site survey to fully understand the site’s conditions, access, and ground makeup should be treated with extreme caution.

What did they quote me for then?

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