Installing central air conditioning in home

How Does Central AC Work?

To distribute cool air throughout your house, a central air conditioner depends on ductwork and registers (openings). In essence, the system draws outside air into the house, cools it, and then distributes the air throughout the house using the ductwork.

Split-system and packaged central air conditioners are the two different types. Split systems consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor cabinet, whereas packaged systems are installed on the roof of your house or in an outdoor cabinet. Packaged units are the ones that, with the addition of electric heating coils or a gas furnace, can also be used as heaters.

If your home doesn’t have enough ductwork to support your new system, you’ll need to consider making some renovations before adding an AC system.

Most homeowners find that a new unit is a great investment because modern units use up to 50% less energy to operate than those made just ten years ago. Of course, selecting the proper system will also affect your energy costs, so doing so is essential.

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