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It might be time to build the house you’ve always wanted, whether you’ve wanted to remodel your kitchen for years or your backyard for several summers. An added benefit: If you choose the right home improvements, they will also raise the value of your house when you decide to sell. It is a win-win situation.

According to Kermit Baker, project director for Harvard University’s Remodeling Futures programme, any improvements you make to your home now should raise its value in the future. But which improvements will raise the value of your house? We are aware that home renovation costs can add up.

Look over this list, starting with the improvements that are most likely to pay for themselves, and get ready to value your space more than ever. One thing to keep in mind: No home improvement will fully pay for itself. You’re one lucky home seller if it does (if it does). In light of this, choose home improvement tasks that will make you enjoy your space more; consider the chance to raise the value of your home as an added bonus.

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