Adding siding or a fresh veneer in home

1. Apply Building Paper/Felt Paper/Moisture Barrier

Start by locating building paper or felt paper at any home improvement store after removing any old siding. Installers typically use 15-pound felt paper, but you might want thicker paper if you live in a humid area. Use common nails to affix the paper or house wrap to the surface.

2. Space and Cut Wire Lath

To start cutting the lath to fit the area where you want to instal stone veneer siding, take measurements. Over building paper, instal lath and fasten it with masonry screws or nails.

3. Apply Type “S” Mortar

The wire lath should be covered in a 12-inch layer of Type “S” mortar. Before applying the veneer, it is crucial to texturize, score, or scratch the mortar to improve adhesion. Allow the coat to dry for about 12 hours, or over night.

4. Add Type “S” Mortar to Stone Veneer

Apply Type “S” mortar to the back of the tiles or stones and then begin laying the tiles. Add grout between joints if necessary. The majority of stone veneer is delivered in pre-molded boxes. As soon as the stone starts to stick, hold it there for about five seconds. If there are any gaps, shape the stone to fit with a cut-off grinder.

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