What Is Plantscaping?

Interior Landscape design is similar to indoor landscaping. The goal of landscaping is to create a unified appearance for your home or space and to ensure healthy, long-lasting plants. Our team has 20+ years of experience in plant care and horticulture, as well as more than five years of experience in plantscaping design. We have helped many of individuals find the perfect plant for their home that would fit in and flourish there! Additionally, we provide tropical indoor plants that are designed, installed, and maintained specifically for YOU! Find out more about that here.

How to Pick Indoor Plants

Luminous, Luminous, Luminous! Because of the distinctive architecture of Tori’s house and the abundance of windows, the plants had to complement both the natural aesthetic and the available light. Not all of her houseplants that match the design will flourish in low light. We recommended artificial plants (her favourites are the fake olive trees!) for the areas with poor lighting.

Here are some pointers for buying indoor plants:

  1. Pay attention to how each area or space is lit. For instance, at what time of day does the sun shine directly? are the blinds or curtains in a room often remain closed or are they always open?
  2. Where you want to put a plant, is there a vent above or below? Could you shut that vent? A draught of hot or cold air coming via a window or entryway should also be taken into account. When possible, stay away from these areas.
  3. Consult a knowledgeable someone in your area. You can almost always count on finding an expert who can advise you on the needs of a particular plant when you visit a small business plant shop. They might even own the same plant at home, I guess!

Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

The fact that indoor plants filter the air and emit oxygen is just one of the many wonderful benefits of having plants there. Snake Plants (Sansevieria), Ferns (seen below), Ficus, Pot Mums (Chrysanthemum), Dragon Tree, Lady Finger Palm, and many others are among the most purifying plants. Many people are unaware that not all plants purify to the same degree. Again, if unsure, consult your neighbourhood garden centre!

Picking Pots & Planters

Since we’ve been working with Tori for the past few years, we’ve really gotten to know her aesthetic, making it simple to identify objects (like planters, for example) that she could find appealing. When picking something like a planter, we want to take into account a person’s or a home’s overall appeal. It may sound straightforward, but it has a MASSIVE impact. I view a planter as the basis since everything excellent begins with a solid foundation, and many of them are heavy and constructed of cement. You may have chosen a plant, but the planter will tie the entire ensemble together.

Although the planter’s appearance is crucial, you also need to make sure that it has good drainage. Some planters might not have drainage holes, in which case you will need to make one with something like pumice rock (which is sold in stores) or our personal favourite, the UPS-A-DAISY (which is also sold in stores).

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