How to decorate a small balcony in your Dubai home

No matter how big the balcony is, there is a lot of creative possibility in this private outdoor area. You may change your modest balcony into a place where you can create priceless memories with the aid of these original balcony decoration ideas! Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best designs for small balconies.


Even the tiniest alterations to a living area can frequently have an influence when it comes to balcony design in Dubai. A balcony space that is currently underutilised and unusable can be instantly improved by making little cosmetic additions and design changes. You can take into account the following small balcony design ideas:


Add a splash of colour for the simplest and frequently least expensive small balcony decor concept. This concept will undoubtedly alter the appearance and atmosphere of a neglected balcony. Although it’s not impossible if you have the resources, you don’t necessarily have to repaint the entire structure.

However, you can give a limited space new life by simply adding various vivid objects like hanging planters, cushions, and rugs of the same shade, which discreetly contrast with the original colour scheme of your balcony.


Adding stones and fake grass to a small balcony is one of the easiest décor ideas. You might add faux grass flooring and pebble flooring to your tiny balcony to continue the notion of textures and tactile experiences. You’ll feel as though you’re in your own own hanging garden!

These modest balcony decoration ideas won’t just improve the appearance of your area; they’ll also include some green components that can increase the balcony’s cosiness.


Why not choose real greens instead of the fake ones if they don’t seem to be very welcoming. Your little balcony can be transformed into a green oasis with the help of wall planters, tiny hanging pots, and even a full green wall. Grow your own plants to indulge your green thumb, or order them pre-grown from any nearby online delivery provider.

You can choose to go just decorative or even plant edible greens and add fresh herbs to your home cuisine. The types of herbs that you can cultivate on your balcony are listed below.

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