Garden trends for a glorious green space in 2023

The newest garden trends for 2023 can provide you some lovely, blossoming inspiration and new ideas for your outdoor areas because for many of us, our backyards and gardens are just as significant as the interior designs of our homes.

A fashionable addition to our home, the backyard and inspiring garden ideas not only give us the ability to appreciate the beauty of nature with our own distinctive design but also provide us the option to add another ‘room’ where we can relax and have guests.

With stunning designs from Society of Garden Designers Award winners and knowledgeable advice from designers and gardeners, this collection of the forthcoming popular garden trends honours both classic garden concepts and new ideas.

Transform Your Outside Space With The Latest Garden Trends For 2023 

Our selection of the most popular garden trends for 2023 will undoubtedly leave you with a collection of fresh, creative ideas for your outdoor area, regardless of whether you have a tiny garden, are looking for sustainable garden ideas, or want to design the ultimate entertaining garden.

Be At One With Nature

Outdoor areas, which include spaces for entertaining, dining, and resting, have long been regarded as extensions of our homes.

Garden designer Matthew Childs MSGD (opens in new tab) declares, “I believe in the ethos that gardens are for people, for family, and for pleasure.” A colour scheme that enables us to “sit among plants and feel connected to nature; a harmonious balance between hard landscaping elements and more naturalistic planting” should be coupled with this.

For his Heathside pool garden, Matthew won both the Medium Residential Landscapes & Gardens and Judges’ prizes, demonstrating that a design with human requirements at its core can nevertheless satisfy the demands of wildlife.

Sculptural Steps

Tom Massey MSGD(opens in new tab) illustrates the trend for juxtaposing industrial-style hard landscaping with the calming impact of lush planting by posing a challenge to conventional approaches to the design of a suburban sloped garden with a dynamic solution, employing custom concrete cuboid steps.

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