Use BIM.

BIM, as the professionals at Sage are aware, helps to minimise many typical building and design challenges, such as problems with cost, time, constructability, and rework. Additionally, BIM streamlines team cooperation so you can complete more work more quickly.

BIM reduces repetitious work and saves time, according to Dustin Anderson of Sage in a gb&d article. “It gives you immediate access to model data that you can incorporate into your estimate, saving you time on model takeoff. For instance, it enables you to connect building elements from a model directly to assemblies in an estimation database, such as walls. This gives you shortcuts that can help you save time, such removing all 3-5/8 metal stud walls at once.In the piece, he states,

Determine your materials’ sustainability.

Are you actually using sustainable products and building materials for your project? Look for Declare Labels and verify their credentials.

A Declare Label, created by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), discloses a product’s origin, the components that make it up, and how the product is handled beyond its useful life.

According to Steve Marziale, a product engineer at CENTRIA, for gb&d, “Declare Labels provide lots of details, including the final assembly location of a product and end-of-life options.” The maker then provides ILFI with a complete list of the product’s ingredients, which is then published on a Declare Label. This includes an examination of Red List substances (if they are present in the product) and ingredients that are available without limits.

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