Construction tips and tricks

Plan for disaster.

One of the best construction advice from professionals is to be ready for the worst, as it will help you avoid a lot of future grief. This includes things like condition assessments, which Studio W and the California’s Paradise Unified School District are all too familiar with.

In a post for gb&d, Brain Whitmore writes, “Studio W was initially hired in 2017 to complete a conditions assessment and develop a master plan to assist Paradise Unified School District.” “We went through the facilities assessments and established the architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, and other conditions of all of their locations. We then created a list of project needs and prioritised projects based on the financing available at the time.

All of this occurred just before a large fire tore through the area and largely destroyed the district’s facilities.

“Like we did with Paradise before the fire, we would encourage every school district to go through this process so they have an up-to-date evaluation. Having made it possible for Paradise Unified School District to understand precisely what they had and how they can recover following the catastrophe. Because many of their priorities remained the same even after the fire—they still desired improved educational facilities and modernised athletics, for example—having a master plan already put out saved them a tonne of time.

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