Best types of flooring for busy living areas

Kitchens, living rooms, and hallways are examples of high traffic areas in your home that require robust flooring. It’s important to pick a flooring type that can tolerate continuous use without losing its beauty. Choosing the sort of flooring that best suits your needs might be difficult with so many alternatives available. The several high traffic flooring options, their benefits and drawbacks, and how to choose the best flooring for your busy location are all covered in this article.Nobody wants to install flooring that will need to be replaced in a few short years, after all.

You want long-lasting flooring.Finding a Carpets From Clarkes Flooring & Furniture option that is strong, less prone to wear, and able to withstand your active lifestyle is the best thing you can do for your house.Floors For Living offers a comprehensive range of high-traffic flooring alternatives that are not only guaranteed to survive but also look stunning in any space you have since we understand the importance of a robust floor.

How to Choose the Right High Traffic Flooring

Consider the following elements when selecting high traffic flooring for your residential or commercial space:

Consider the flooring’s capacity to resist heavy foot activity, pet claws, and furniture movement.
Maintenance: Take into account the upkeep needed to keep the flooring looking great.
Safety: Select flooring that is slip-resistant, particularly in places that are susceptible to spills or dampness.
The flooring you choose should look good and give off a polished, professional appearance.

Best High Traffic Flooring Solutions

Flooring that is intended to withstand high traffic is known as high-traffic flooring.

It follows that your floors will continue to look fantastic and be damage-free for years to come no matter how many people walk back and forth over them, even in the busiest halls and sections of your home or office.

This is so that your floors won’t sustain any damage from regular foot traffic, which could include scratches, fading, or other types of damage. High-traffic flooring is specifically made to resist these things.

There are numerous options for high-traffic flooring. High-traffic flooring doesn’t have to be extremely pricey just because it is extremely resilient.

Here are our favourite choices for high-traffic flooring that will complement any decor, spending plan, and way of life.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl is a very popular option for flooring because it requires considerably less upkeep than hardwood or stone/tile floors and is far less expensive.

For simple installation, the flooring is produced from premium vinyl sheets that are then cut into individual rectangular planks (LVP) or square tiles (LVT).

For ultimate longevity, each plank or tile has four layers: an underlayment layer, a more firm core, a vinyl printed image (to resemble hardwood or stone), and a wear layer made of urethane that coats your floor and guards it against unsightly scuffs and scratches.

Because of this, luxury vinyl is especially beneficial for hallways in your house or place of business that see a lot of traffic. No matter how many people or animals dance, shuffle, and walk across your floor, the wear layer prevents dents, scuffs, and even discoloration from sunlight from occurring on its surface.

The wear layer’s thickness is expressed in mil (1/000th of an inch, not millimetres!). For those high-traffic areas of your home, strive for anything between 12 and 20 mil because the thicker the wear layer, the better protection it affords.

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