bespoke garage designs by The Oak Designs Company

The garage isn’t the most opulent room in the house, let’s face it. However, it is a great area for storing and organising bulky objects that won’t fit anywhere else.

With the correct arrangements in place, you may store your automobiles in the bespoke garage together with ladders, tools, bikes, sports equipment, gardening supplies, lawnmowers, and more.

Finding a place for all of your belongings is important, but they also need to be accessible and simple to grab. You don’t want to spend an eternity looking for things, whether we’re talking about outdoor power equipment, hand tools, or Christmas decorations. This is why it makes sense to have accessible garage storage options.

We have lots of inspiration for hanging, standing, and little to large objects. Browse through for our favourite suggestions for organising your garage.
Is your garage where you put your outdoor gear, DIY supplies, and extra household items? Yes, there are a lot of items to review.

Take some time to inventory what is currently in the garage before you start. Make sure the item is something you use or wish to retain for the future, suggests Sarah Dunn of professional organising company Get it Dunn(opens in new tab). When decluttering, employ caution because having less possessions makes organising easier.

Once you have everything you actually require, you may organise it using these garage storage suggestions.
With floor-to-ceiling shelving, you can lift anything off the ground. Open garage storage systems may hold all you need and make the most of every available square inch (using movable brackets on fixed runners). Shop for excellent garage shelving at The Home Depot (opens in new tab).

Elfa’s garage shelf system (shown above; opens in new tab) features a variety of storage options for hanging, stacking, and concealing items. Additionally, a wall panel in the pegboard design is provided for holding various objects.

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