Why use wood?

Wood construction has a lot of benefits.The only completely renewable, organic, and climate-smart building material is wood.Carbon dioxide is absorbed by growing trees and then stored in the industrial wood products we make. As a result, employing wood in building is significantly better for the environment than using concrete and steel, whose production requires a lot of energy and results in huge emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil sources.

Wood has the additional benefit of being far more energy and cost-efficient than concrete and steel throughout the whole supply chain, from manufacturing to delivery.

As many of the seedlings planted as possible should grow into magnificent trees that stand tall and proud and can be harvested 80 to 90 years later, principally to produce building material for future eco-friendly houses. This is one of the key goals of Holmen’s forest management.

Advantages of wood construction

Building with wood is better for the climate

When compared to alternative building materials, employing wood delivers significant climate benefits, according to a number of independent scientific studies. According to a study by Linköping University, a wood-built apartment tower emits 40% fewer emissions than a concrete-built one.

Long-term sustainable construction

Unlike fossil fuels, which are based on limited resources like oil, wood is a renewable raw material. Trees can continuously create wood with the aid of the sun, carbon dioxide, and water. In Sweden, at least two more trees are planted for each tree that is cut down.

Trees bind carbon dioxide

Developing trees sequester carbon dioxide. The more carbon dioxide trees absorb, the more quickly they grow. After being cut down and used to make wood products, trees continue to absorb carbon dioxide. Additionally, a burned-down wooden structure can be used as fuel in a heating facility to heat new homes.

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