The original polycarbonate snow guard

It’s true that plastic snow holders cost a lot less than conventional metal ones. They offer to have the same frost and scratch resistance as Plexiglas and are lightweight, transparent, and similar in appearance and quality. However, their ability to be attached to the roof surface without leaving holes is their strongest feature. Easy!

Cheap and easy to install

The advantages of the plastic snow barriers stop there. Our clients claim that the polycarbonate products can be dragged away, rip off a piece of the roofing material, or start to deteriorate in the sun even under modest snow loads.

Even said, low work does not always equate to high reward. The issue with The original polycarbonate snow guard is that they begin to sag as a result of the installation process taking place on a hot, cold, dirty, or wet rooftop. One should also keep in mind that the adhesive sealant normally takes 4 weeks to completely cure, or sometimes more if temperatures are below 10 °C (50 °F).

Installing these snow retainers before the cold season begins is therefore a good idea. If not, the snow will simply dismantle the system and flow down as an avalanche.

Also keep in mind that some adhesive formulations include hazardous VOCs as well as other compounds including toluene and heptane. Verify that you have read the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Another drawback is that the polycarbonate stoppers are too small to hold even a modest amount of snow. Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with previously installed plastic mechanisms and requested that we install standard tubular holders.

The latter do not call for drilling holes in your roof or particular weather conditions.

With the help of brackets that enable the insertion of a 25 mm diameter hot zinc coated steel tube element, our stoppers are fastened to the roof. The core ice-breaking component is installed in the middle of each tubular component to complete the system.

Pictures of the installation of a tubular snow guard ABOVE plastic and polycarbonate snow stoppers are shown below.

Customers frequently express dissatisfaction when plastic snow stoppers fail to maintain the weight of the snow, endangering both property and pedestrians.

The steel snow barriers fit any type of steel roofing as well as asphalt shingle, wood shake, and synthetic slate roofs and are incredibly robust. Good news for all you aestheticians out there: our snow brackets are available in variations that are realistically made to match any style of roof.

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