Should I Fix My House or Sell My House for Cash

Selling a house for cash can be a wise decision and a smart move. Especially when the house needs a lot of work or is in serious need of repair. The more money you’ll need to spend to fix up the house, the less profits you may end up with after construction and repair costs.

More times than not, when a house is dated and needs remodeling to take it to the retail market it can cost $30,000 to $150,000 depending on the size of the house and the finishes inside. Renovations and remodels of kitchen and bath can range around $60,000 on average. A new roof on the average home is closer to $45,000 now a days with the cost of construction materials.

Even a simple diy fixer upper plan like paint costs more. Painting supplies have tripled in price leaving a homeowner with an old, dated, or vacant and distressed property wondering is it really worth sinking more money in to fix the house up? Instead you can sell your house for cash.

We asked Cash Home Buyer, Nick Scancarello what he thinks is the best way to sell your house fast and he said it’s doing an all cash deal. He also mentioned that you can do creative deals or sell your house subject to. All of which require no repairs and no costs out of your pocket to sell the house you own.

No matter what you may have considered as the best way to sell your house be sure to get an all cash offer from Homeowners that visit Cash Offer Faster for a cash offer to sell a house quickly have found they save over 10% from the average house being sold.

By avoiding the need to pay commissions to an agent, and no closing costs or fees, plus no repairs. Selling your house fast for cash is a smart way to go.

Contact the cash home buyers at to get more information and a home offer to sell your house fast for cash without an agent, and without the need for repairs.

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