Precision Engineering Solutions: CNC Machining for Diverse Applications

CNC machining can be applied to many types of cnc machining parts, including but not limited to the following:

  • Shaft parts. Such as bushings, bearings, couplings, gear shafts, etc. These parts usually require precision machining to ensure their wear resistance and mechanical properties.
  • Gear parts. Including spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, etc., these parts require high-precision processing and gear matching to ensure the stability and accuracy of transmission.
  • Mold parts. Such as packaging molds, stamping molds, etc. These parts usually require precision processing to meet different product needs.
  • Threaded parts. Such as internal and external threaded parts, such as nuts, bolts, etc., these parts require precision processing to ensure their wear resistance and cutting performance.
  • Disc parts. Such as discs, gears, flywheels, etc. These parts can be processed efficiently through rotational processing.
  • Box parts. For example, various boxes, shells, etc. have complex shapes and require high precision. The processing of various complex shapes can be realized through program control.
  • Wheel parts. Such as gears, sprockets, pulleys, flywheels, etc. These parts require high-precision processing to ensure the stability and reliability of mechanical operation.
  • Shell parts. Such as various shells, covers, shields, etc., due to their shapes and complex structures, they require high-precision processing.
  • Other parts. Such as display screens, circuit boards, rims, instrument panels, tools, tableware, etc. These parts require different process methods during processing to ensure their quality and performance.

CNC machined parts are diverse and feature high precision, efficiency, flexibility and multi-functionality, and are an indispensable part of modern manufacturing.

 A Wide Range of Capabilities

Established in 1995, Be-Cu continued to improve and expand our prototyping and manufacturing services in China. Our capabilities cover CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, die casting, etc.

Professional Engineering Guidance

At, we get an energetic, knowledgeable, and well-experienced engineering team to assist your manufacturing projects. If you need any guidance on selecting the best material/surface finish/processing way, we can be your guide.

High-quality & Fast Lead-time

As an ISO9000:2015 certification-compliant manufacturer, Be-Cu always puts Quality first. Every step of our processing is done according to the highest standard of the industry. To further ensure the quality of our parts, we will do a strict quality inspection and send you the CMM report.

Efficiency is also an important factor that we take into consideration. We usually deliver you plastic and metal prototypes within days.Be-Cu provides the highest standard of china cnc machining service for all your needs. Contact us today to know more about what we offer!

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