Maple at Ortigas East: A Green Oasis in the Heart of Urban Living

In the bustling cityscape of Manila, finding a residential haven that seamlessly blends luxury, eco-friendliness, and accessibility can be a challenging task. Enter maple condominium ortigas, an integral part of the Verdant Towers development – a visionary project that is set to redefine urban living in Ortigas East.

Verdant Towers, spanning 16 hectares along C5, Ortigas Avenue, and Julia Vargas Avenue, is not just a residential complex; it’s a master-planned mixed-use eco-estate. With a commitment to sustainability, the development boasts an impressive 40% green open spaces, walkways, and bicycle-friendly roads. It’s a breath of fresh air for urban dwellers who yearn for a luxurious yet environmentally conscious lifestyle without sacrificing the convenience of the city center.

maple condominium ortigas the inaugural tower of the trio, is currently in its preselling stage. This 42-storey residential marvel will house 692 units across 33 floors, offering a diverse range of living spaces. From studios to one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, prospective residents can also choose bi-level units with private gardens or opt for a townhouse unit. The flexibility in options ensures that Maple caters to the varied needs of its future community.

The allure of maple condominium ortigas extends beyond its residential offerings. Two outdoor pools beckon residents to relax and unwind, while fitness facilities cater to health enthusiasts. The Residents’ Lounge provides a communal space for socializing, and various play areas for children ensure that families find Maple an ideal abode.

Sharing a common podium area with the other two towers maple condominium ortigas also integrates retail spaces on the ground floor. This not only adds to the convenience of residents but also fosters a vibrant community atmosphere within the development.

What sets Verdant Towers apart is its dedication to creating a community where residents can live, work, and play with unmatched convenience and accessibility. Whether you are a single professional, a young couple, or a growing family, Verdant Towers’ amenities are crafted to cater to everyone. Each facility is designed with a focus on modernity, luxury, and, most importantly, safety.

As maple condominium ortigas enters the real estate scene, it promises not just homes but a lifestyle. By choosing Maple, you become a part of a legacy that prioritizes sustainable living in the heart of the city. Seize the opportunity to be among the first to embrace this exciting chapter and discover how Maple at Ortigas East can nurture your life. It’s not just a residence; it’s a sanctuary where luxury and nature coexist harmoniously in the vibrant tapestry of urban living.

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