How to Grow Your Podcast Audience

If you have a podcast and are struggling to grab the audience’s attention, then are a few things you might be doing wrong. If you cannot figure out where you are struggling, try going through our guide, which is aimed to help you grow an audience for your podcast. So, let’s get started!

Post Your Podcast on Every Platform

This advice is straightforward, yet it is maybe the most crucial one of all. Your podcast has to be accessible anywhere people listen to podcasts if you want to increase the number of listeners to your program. Therefore, your first step in promoting your podcast is to submit the RSS feed for your program to every podcast directory you can discover. Due to their importance, start with Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

Do not stop there, though. People utilize hundreds of smaller sites daily. You want to air your program on each of them. Fortunately, the procedure is simple. Create an account with each and submit your show by filling out a form. When you post new episodes of your program, their platform will instantly be updated.

Target a Specific Audience

You could wish to create a podcast that is accessible to everyone, yet popular shows are challenging to expand. You will see that the hosts or producers of some of the most well-liked podcasts had a sizable audience before they launched entire shows.

Finding and concentrating on your specialty is a wiser move if you are comparatively unknown. Instead of being a jack of all trades, follow a single topic to make your podcast stand out. Many individuals believe that they are not adequately represented in podcasts, and some things need to be addressed aloud. Hence the requirement for a niche-specific podcast. It allows you to talk about topics that excite you and you know a lot about.

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Add Videos As Well

Some individuals favor video. They will not watch an audio-only program but could still like your material. By including videos in your podcast, you may reach a bigger audience.

There are three methods for doing this:

1) To turn your audio file into a video file, all you need to do is add a static picture

2) Videotape yourself as you record your podcast with your guests and co-hosts; or

3) Generate original video material with graphics and other exciting stuff to complement your program.

Post the outcome on YouTube, regardless of your choice. Since many people prefer to watch visuals instead of just audio, this is an excellent move to help your audience grow.

Play Your Part in the Podcast Community

You may market yourself to take a more active part in the podcast community in your specialty than joining other podcasts as a guest in several other ways.

There is a Facebook group for anything, for instance. Participate by adding value to communities pertinent to your podcast by joining them. Make yourself likable by providing answers and ideas for discussions. When it makes sense, mention your podcast, but avoid becoming a spammer that continuously advertises himself or herself.

Additionally, you may go to meetings, conferences, and exhibits focused on podcasting or your specialty. Offer to co-host webinars on investing with another company if you work in the personal finance industry. Attend a national convention of healthy living brands if the health niche is where you specialize.

Create a Podcast Trailer

A trailer is a simple approach to persuade potential listeners to give your program a try. Before spending time on an entire episode, people are far more inclined to listen to a trailer. However, you cannot merely show them a few seconds of an earlier episode. It would help if you produced something unique that effectively conveys the value of your podcast.

You might use an entire montage of your footage. Alternatively, you may narrate an introduction stating why the audience should give you their time. Make sure to highlight your most notable guests and captivating portions. Your opportunity to shine is now!

It is a good idea to share your unique podcast trailer on social media. So that potential listeners may notice it, pin it as your initial post.


All these tips are going to help your podcast grow massively. These are not just tips from the top of my head but proven tips that will change the podcast game for you. As soon as you apply these tips, you will see a growth in the number of your followers and your podcast getting popular!

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