How to extend the life of artificial grass

When undertaking a significant investment, a concern for its longevity arises. Indoor decor is more sensitive to management than we think. Hence, a guide to maintain and restore the artificial turf’s uniqueness comes in handy. This blog will help you know how to achieve a long-lasting mark for your expensive purchase. The tricks described here are simple to perform with minimal types of equipment, ensuring the long-lasting newness of the artificial turf. 

Whether you are a pet owner or a busy person, cleaning synthetic grass can pose a severe challenge. Investing time daily might be a difficult task, therefore, we suggest cleaning and reviewing the artificial turf periodically.  Let us review, the tips and tricks to maintain the life of your precious artificial turf. 

Macro Debris

Debris that can be seen by the naked eye should be routinely removed as it attracts more dirt towards itself. Regularly observing for the soiled matter can help reduce cleaning fatigue and raise the longevity of the artificial grass. Dried leaves and other naturally dried waste frequently roll over the grass that should be meticulously removed.  Why there is a robust recommendation to clean off debris? Well, the dirt plays the role of nidus to accumulate weeds and other unwanted vegetation hampering the life of the artificial grass. 

Similarly, the solid waste by pets should be eradicated first, and later approach to the next steps. 

Remove with water 

Large objects could be simply hand-picked however, the tedious dust should be rinsed with water especially if the grass is placed on the patio. Along with dirt, other sticky materials are also present on the grass blades. Forceful rinsing of the grass blades should be practiced. Another consideration is given to the pet owners where the grass is soiled very often with bathroom litter. Washing with water can remove the malodour enhancing the cleaning of the grass further.  

Routinely washing the turf enhances its longevity. Grab compliments every time a guest visits your home and be proud of your purchase!

Brush it off

Do you notice at times that even after washing with hosepipe the debris is still intact? That is because of the entrapment of some sticky substance on the grass blades. In such situations, one might softly scrub the artificial grass with light pressure. Practicing gentle scrubbing this step is a must. The directing of scrubbing is against the direction of the grass. This way, the scrubbing will be effective in increasing the shelf-life of the grass.   

Make your turf shine like new by gently scrubbing the blades uniformly! 

Wash stains when you see

Stains, are they real? Yes, stains can show up silently and can be tedious to remove. Pet roams around, and tea, coffee, and juices line up in no time. Hence, measures should be taken for a stain-free artificial grass carpet. Ideally, it should be scrubbed with water however if the stain is tenacious it should be scrubbed with soap water using a synthetic bristle, brush, sponge or cloth. 

So the next time you spill wine, you the drill to get off the stains as soon as possible!

Review installation 

To keep the turf lively, review the artificial grass installation regularly, to ensure it fits around the perimeter. Frequently repositioning the turf might damage its internal surface highly affecting its longevity. If the turf is overextended, one must cut it to shape the entire perimeter to avoid stress on the artificial grass perth

Timely inspection of your turf 

Modern grass is not a natural one. Considering this fact one should review corners of the grass carpet for any damage caused by weather in cases of outdoor placement of the turf. Walk around every corner of the turf, inspect for any damage and gauge the level of maintenance required. Be prompt to seek professional help if you find any bizarre damage to the man-made artificial turf efficiently.  

Final Thoughts

Maintaining the artificial grass is not an impossible task. Regularly cleaning and following the tips to keep its freshness intact is the key to its long-lasting maintenance. These six tips can aid you in abiding by your promise of keeping the new artificial grass bacteria and debris-free for healthy living.

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