How do you choose the right type of rods for your home?

Drapery rods are essential for hanging curtains and adding style to your windows. But how do you choose the right type of rods for your home?

Here are some tips to help you decide:

French return drapery rods are curved and wrap around the corners of the window and return to the wall. They create a seamless look and eliminate the gap between the rod and the wall. French returns are ideal for windows that have limited space on the sides. 

Finial drapery rods are straight rods that have decorative ends called finials. Finials come in various shapes and sizes. They can add personality and flair to your windows. Finial rods are great for windows that have extra space on the sides to showcase the finials. The are also sometimes called side mount or end mount rods. 

Inside mount drapery rods are rods fit inside the window frame. They create a clean and minimalist look and save space on the wall. Inside mount rods are best for windows that have a deep openings or limited wall space to install rods. They work very well with sheer or lightweight curtains that let in natural light. These rods are also referred to as café rods.

Drapery rods are more than just functional; they are also decorative and can enhance the beauty of your windows. Whether you choose French return, finial or inside mount drapery rods, make sure you choose a rod that matches both your style and budget.

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