How do I know if my double glazing needs replacing?

Your double-glazed windows or doors may require replacement if any of the following apply:

Draughts Leaks allow water to enter
They permit excessive noise to enter
The wood is splitting or the uPVC is turning yellow.
Damage is evident, especially to the seals.
They are stuck, difficult to open, close, or lock
Condensation frequently forms on them, especially in the space between the glass panes.
Several of these issues can be fixed if they’re not too severe. A WindoWorld your double glazing specialists should be consulted to determine what can and cannot be fixed. Keep in mind that installers might not be eager to repair double glazing that wasn’t installed by them.

Most common double glazing faults

The most frequent issue that owners of double glazing experienced after installation was that it was difficult to open or close the windows or doors. Of those who had an issue, 3 out of 10 had this. All had purchased double glazing within the previous ten years.

This was followed by windows or doors that eventually stopped fitting as well due to falling or drooping.

34% – Difficulty opening or closing windows or doors
18% – Windows or doors that have dropped over time and no longer fit properly
15% – Broken locks 12% – Failing door or window seals 9% – Condensation issues on the glass 5% – Double glazing cracking or breaking
More encouragingly, 77% of respondents claimed to have no problems with their

Can I fix double glazing that’s difficult to open or has sagged?

Having trouble opening and shutting your doors and windows could be caused by:

If they have hinged doors or casement windows, the mechanism may be stiff.
Lock/handle catching or having a problem
The hinges moving or becoming sloppy
To begin with, see whether lubricating the mechanism, hinges, handles, or areas where the windows or doors pass the frame (for instance, if they are sash windows) can help.

Trying tightening hinges or mechanisms by adjusting screws is another option. Get in touch with the firm from which you purchased the window or door if you believe these should be replaced.

The weather can also be the cause of double glazing that is challenging to open or that has fallen or sagged. High temperatures can cause the frame to expand or contract, which will make the window or door move less easily and may even cause it to “stick.”

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t need to do this frequently. Sometimes, wiping the frames with cold water might help them slightly shrink down.

Try waiting till a cooler or warmer day to see if the issues go away if they are not serious. Contact the business you purchased it from if either issue persists or has a substantial effect (such as making it impossible for you to close or lock your door).

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