Benefits of PVC Shower Panels

The bathroom is one of those areas that simply must be good. The aesthetic of a commercial space’s restroom has an impact on its presentability as well as your overall health, not to mention the health of your staff and visitors.

Poorly coated bathroom walls will destroy the aesthetic of the bathroom due to grime, but it’s supposed to be a beautiful area to rest and unwind while getting cleaned up!

When it comes to cladding materials, unplasticized PVC is a wonderful choice. Here are some of the primary advantages of PVC Shower Panels.

High Hygiene Levels

Because PVC wall panels are easy to clean and resistant to dirt collection, you may expect higher levels of cleanliness when you install them in your bathroom. They are also resistant to mildew and mould.

Our Quickliner PVC wall panels, for example, have no surface cracks or pores where dirt particles can gather. Cleaning the panels with a moist cloth, mild soap, and water readily removes any dust that has accumulated on the surface.

PVC panels prevent mould and mildew growth because they do not absorb moisture or allow it to flow through and accumulate between them and the covered area.

Mould and mildew do not grow since each PVC panel is placed with a seamless interlocking system.

Variety of Options

Depending on the manufacturer, you have a wide range of options when it comes to PVC wall panels, from colour and size to styles, designs, and patterns.

Our Octaform Quickliner PVC wall panels are available in white and black. The usual dimensions are 18 inches broad by 38 inches thick. They range in length from eight to twenty feet in two-foot increments. We also accept orders for bespoke lengths.

 Lightweight Nature

PVC is well-known for its lightweight nature, which makes it appealing to commercial centre owners and contractors as a suitable cladding material for walls without weighing them down.

Because the panels are lightweight, they are also simple to handle, transport, store, and install.


Whether it’s a fitness centre or an office washroom, you’ll want wall panels that can survive the test of time. You don’t want panels that will readily break and force you to start seeking for a new solution.

PVC panels for walls are tough to bend or warp once fitted, therefore there will be no breakages. The panels also function normally for as long as they are installed.

Water Resistance

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a waterproof building material. It does not absorb or allow moisture to travel through it. The advantage here is that there will be no water to damage the panels or the surface they cover.

 Low Maintenance

Plastic wall panels are simple to maintain because they require no upkeep. The glossy sheen prevents grime from adhering to the surface. Any that does occur can be quickly removed with a moist cloth.

The only other maintenance required is the simple replacement of any damaged panels. Adjacent panels are joined together by interlocking seams. These are simple to undo in order to remove the broken tile and replace it.

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