Arrange Living Room Furniture for TVs, Tables & More

It can be difficult to arrange the furniture in a living room with a TV. Filling a room around your gadgets in a way that is both functional and visually beautiful can seem like a daunting challenge when you are presented with an empty space. But through time, interior designers have learned a few straightforward, practical rules that help your TV appear beautiful in your living room. If you simply adhere to these common sense guidelines, you’ll discover that placing furniture—TV included or not—isn’t quite as intimidating as you might have thought.

Consider Popular Furniture Layouts

Consider classic living room designs that designers frequently use to create the most attractive spaces to narrow down your possibilities. Here are a few examples of how to arrange furniture in a living room.

plan: Because it visually balances the area, a symmetrical plan works in any size or form of room. A symmetrical arrangement would have two sofas facing one another, separated by a table. A symmetrical couch is one that has matching side chairs on either side of it.
arrangement with floating furniture: Choose a floating furniture arrangement if your living room has a lot of windows but not enough wall space to attach your furniture. To create an island in the middle of the room with a TV installed on one wall, place your furniture a few feet away from the walls.

L-shaped layout: An L-shaped living room and dining room combo is regarded as an awkward area and comes with its own set of difficulties, including a lack of available wall space for placing furniture and a TV. The sofa sits on the long wall and the TV can be placed on the wall directly in front of the sofa in rooms with two walls that can be used for furniture placement.
Layouts for non-standard rooms Awkward or irregular-shaped rooms include those that are narrow, have nooks and crannies, or have fireplaces that are at an angle. Create zones with furniture by placing it on area rugs in awkwardly shaped living rooms.A striking floor lamp or another large statement piece can serve as an additional anchor for a space.
Long, narrow rectangular living room arrangements: Given that you’ll have two long walls to deal with, it’s typical to place a sofa on one wall and a TV on the other, whether mounted or on a stand.

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