5 Reasons Why Shower Panels are the Future

Wet Wall Panels VS. Tiles & Why Wet Wall Wins Everytime.

Is it time to renovate your bathroom? Are you dreading the impending mess? Can you really put up with a slow tiler who appears to have no sense of urgency if your shower-to-people ratio in the house is limited?

Updating a bathroom or Shower Panels is not only time intensive, but it can also be quite costly. Prices vary greatly based on room size and tile selection. According to www.hipages.com.au, an online marketplace that connects homeowners and tradespeople, the usual pricing per square metre for wall tiling is $60, but it can range between $35 and 120.

Wet wall and ceiling panels are a popular alternative to wall tiles among tradespeople, builders, property developers, and homeowners alike.

Which are really quick to install and more easier, drastically lowering your bill.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of advantages of bathroom and shower wall panels over tiles in case you’re still undecided.

Quick & Easy to Fit – Keeps Labour Cost Down.

Wetwall panels’ quick and simple installation is one of their most important advantages. To mount your panels to the wall and produce stunning effects, you don’t need to be a skilled tradesperson.

You may complete the job quickly with the appropriate tools and trims of your choice. To get the most out of your wet walls, we do suggest that you thoroughly read the instructions and/or speak with a professional. In comparison to a time-consuming tile work, hiring a professional will result in significant labour cost savings.

Perfect match for uneven surfaces – covers all imperfections

The fact that bathroom and wall panels can be installed over the majority of surfaces gives them an advantage over tiles. For instance, you don’t have to worry about removing the old tiles off the wall before you can start installing panels if your current bathroom is tiled and you’ve decided to move forward with bathroom and wet wall panels. There is less mess and no additional cost as a result. Most of the time, it is not necessary to remove the old tiles or install new ones because the panels may simply be placed on top of them.

Bathroom and shower wall panels are the best product to cover any flaws in your walls if plastering isn’t your strongest suit and you’re remodelling an older home.

No grouting which means no black spots

Not persuaded? This ought to convince you.

Mr. Wet Wall and ceiling panels are completely waterproof and do not require grouting. This makes them perfect for bathrooms and other moist spaces since it prevents water from creating dreadful black mould, which is quite hygienic.

We also strongly advise wall panels for kitchen areas since they protect your kitchen from food and water splashbacks. Commercial buildings, such as schools, care facilities, and restaurants, can benefit from this hygienic solution.

Panels are a low maintenance and long lasting product

Mr. Wet Wall panels have a long lifespan. For instance, when something large falls on tiles, they are more prone to break.

prefer the appearance of tile? A panel that replicates tiles can be used to individually design your bathroom. They have the advantages of a panel and come in a range of designs and hues.

Panels insulate your bathroom – reducing your energy cost

Last but not least, insulation is a feature of Mr. Wet Wall panels. Each ornamental panel, whether regular, elite, tile-effect, or marble-effect, is between 8 and 10 millimetres thick. As a result, when it’s chilly outside, your radiators won’t lose heat as quickly as cold tiles would.

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